University of Delaware's Coast Day returns for it's 40th year

University of Delaware's Coast Day returns for it's 40th anniversary

LEWES, Del. - After a two-year hiatus, The University of Delaware's popular Coast Day event returned for it's 40th year. The theme of this year's event was "Discoveries on land, in the air and at sea."

Thousands of Delawarians made it out to Coast Day to learn more about the environment and how to help protect it.

Phillip Miller, a Marketing Specialist for DNREC, said, "I think it's mostly local residents but honestly, I've talked to people all throughout Delaware who've come out, but people that all share a similar interest in the environment and just are out here to learn."

At the annual Coast Day event, visitors could walk through unique exhibits, ask questions and learn more about sea creatures, like the ancient horseshoe crab.

Pamela Green, a Professor at the University of Delaware, said, "Certainly we want to inspire science among young people and among the general public, and then this is telling what's interesting and amazing about the horseshoe crab and why we want to care about this creature in our environment and so we try to introduce the public to that in different ways."

Several Delaware agencies came together to organize the event. Miller said, "This is a great event because it just brings so many of our partners together that, you know, we all have similar messaging and similar goals and it's just a wonderful opportunity to have all of us in the same place and the same time and send people home with important information on how to protect our waterways."

The annual event is especially popular amongst kids. Green said, "Well I think many young people are inspired to learn more about science and particularly by things in the environment and the sea and things like that."

Jim Bailey, a volunteer for the Alliance of Bay Communities, said, "They're having a great time. We have a little thing in here that has where they can scoop the sand and you can pull out the shells and little plastic dollars and they're having a grand old time and I think that's pretty neat!"

The star of Coast Day is the environment, which is a theme that brings everyone together in Lewes.

Anthony Gonzon, a Bay Shore Coordinator, said, "Coast day is just a really intriguing event. There's no where else in Delaware where you can get together and find out all of this information and see all of these activities, focus solely on our coastal resources which we all know are extremely important in this day and age."

If you missed Coast Day and want to learn more about the event or how to help the environment, you can visit the following links:


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