Stevensville Tornado Victims Look to Rebuild

Couple's 40-Year Old Home Damaged

Stevensville Tornado Victims Look to...

Stevensville, MD - The national weather service confirmed -- an EF-2 tornado touched down in Stevensville early Monday morning -- leaving a wave of destruction in its path.

 "I was sleep because it was early in the morning and i heard a wind...but it wasn't a wind that began was a humongous wind that began all at once." 

Chris Wiseman says she's always heard that tornados sound like a train coming through but that's not what woke her up this morning.

"By the time i got up.there was an orange flash at my bedroom then there was a crackle...then the entire house shook."

Wiseman says when she got up to investigate...she was walking on a floor littered with twigs and branches...but that's not all.

"There was a branch impaled in our ceiling leading to our second floor in the bedroom."

Chris and her husband have lived at this home in Stevensville for almost 40 years.  She says the storm was a first for her.

"Not in my 69 years of being on this earth have I ever experienced anything like this."

Even though the tornado ripped through this community leaving hundreds of thousands of damage in its wake -- Chris tells us she sees a silver lining.

"But im also thankful for all the people in this neighborhood because as each person went by their first question was...are you okay and do you need anything."

 Fortunately Chris and her husband Adrian weren't hurt. They say their plan is to work with their insurance company to get their home of four decades restored so they can continue  to host their annual family cookouts.

Erica Murphy. 47 ABC.


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