Proclamation for human trafficking awareness signed in Del.

Proclamation for human trafficking...

DOVER, Del. - An attempt to bring awareness about human trafficking in Delaware has been made.

Governor Jack Markell has signed a proclamation marking January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Delaware. Advocates describe human trafficking as a "form of modern day slavery".

With this proclamation, officials hope to bring education among other efforts, to the First State.

Nancy McGee, a coordinator with the Sexual Assault Network of Delaware, says an awareness month dedicated to this exact topic already exists in other states; however, it's the first time Delaware is participating.

"If you have all of our surrounding states having arrests in the hundreds, it would be naive to think that Delaware has no human trafficking in it," says McGee. "It's just that human trafficking in Delaware only became a focal point in the past couple of years and it's gaining momentum now."

Advocates also add one of the biggest challenges with human trafficking is that it can be hard to spot. They say often times, it's because people don't know what to look for making it difficult to report.

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