Perdue Farms Helping Hurricane Victims

Perdue Farms Helping Hurricane Victims

SALISBURY, Md. - One Delmarvan company isn't "chickening out" on helping hurricane victims across the country. 
Perdue Farms announced today that it plans to team up with Feeding America to make sure volunteers, first-responders and survivors are well fed as they ride out the storm and begin to rebuild their lives. 

Company officials say they committed to donating about two million pounds of chicken each year through a partnership with Feeding America. 

However, Perdue expects to surpass that commitment this year. 

Several trucks will be loaded up with meat and taken down to Florida and neighboring regions impacted by Hurricane Irma. 

The details of this latest donation are still being worked out, but spokesperson, Bill See says the non-profit and Perdue have been helping Americans together for nearly two decades. 

"We're gonna be loading up trucks and have them roll down to Florida and other points that have been impacted by the storm.  Anywhere from Florida, it could possibly be in Georgia  and other areas. We've been working together for about 17 years now. "

Perdue has already donated one million pounds of protein to food banks in Texas for Harvey relief. The company has had trucks on the road since last week as part of the ramped up donation effort. 

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