Officials offer tips on staying safe with below zero wind chills

Officials offer tips on staying safe...

47 ABC - Delmarva can't seem to catch a break. We just got through an intense blizzard, and now we're dealing with a wind chill advisory.

We are only two weeks into winter and already, Delmarvan's are dealing with blizzards and now, below zero wind chills.

Sarah D'eustachio, a local said, "When the wind gusts hit, definitely, it is hard to breath."

Floyd James, another local, said, "The wind chill factor going in your face, it's really hard on people."

The National Weather Service says wind chills can cause a series of health problems for people who stay outside longer than 30 minutes.

That's why we spoke to local officials on how to keep yourself safe. They say the most important step is prevention.

Lieutenant Greg Fries with the Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department, said, "So the most important tip is to not go outside if at all possible. If we avoid that risk entirely that's a great thing but if we do have to go outside shorten the time frame as much as possible and bundle up."

For those who are busy doing hard labor outside, officials suggest getting your work done in increments.

Lieutenant Fries said, "So it is dangerous again you need to minimize the time that you're doing it instead of doing the whole sidewalk as once and maybe do portions of it in order to be safer."

Locals add that they've learned to dress in layers to keep warm.

Floyd James said, "Dress very properly dress nice and get everything you need as soon as possible so you won't be caught for the next storm, because the winter is not over with yet, it has just begun."

One Salisbury local said she dressed in three layers, and that helped her to stay warm and healthy while she worked outside throughout the day.

Sarah D'eustachio said, "I'm pretty well layered up I've been out since 8 and I can still feel my feet so i think I'm doing pretty good."

Overall, until the wind chill advisories are over, it is best to stay indoors to avoid serious health complications like frostbite and hypothermia that could result in the loss of a limb or even the loss of life.

The National Weather Advisory is saying to expect wind chills to range from 0 to 15 below zero.

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