Working to stomp out cancer

Working to stomp out cancer

FRUITLAND, Md. - A local restaurant is taking a night to donate funds to help fight cancer.  Texas Roadhouse in Fruitland partnered with the Student National Pharmaceutical Association at UMES, and is sending part of their proceeds from the event to the Richard A. Henson Cancer center at PRMC.

This is part of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it coincides with the restaurant's other month-long fundraising effort, called 'Stomping Out Breast Cancer.'  The proceeds for that charity will go toward the local American Cancer Society.

"We try to reach out to the community as much as we can.  Whenever we can we're always looking for opportunities to help out.  It's something that's near and dear to our core values as a company," said Nathan Richwine, owner of the restaurant.

"Every October, every year our company as a whole does cancer fundraising, and this is just another way for us to help raise funds for our local community," said marketer Shelby Palmer.

Stomping Out Breast Cancer is taking place at Texas Roundhouse through October 31st.

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