Worcester County offering free Christmas tree recycling

Worcester County offering free...

WORCESTER CO., Md. - Good news for those wanting to be environmentally friendly this holiday season. Worcester County is now hosting it's annual collection of Christmas trees, and it's free!

Locals can now drop off their trees at either the Central Landfill in Newark, or the Berlin, Pocomoke, or Snow Hill Homeowners Convenience Centers.

The Solid Waste Division of Worcester County will be hosting their annual collection up until January 31st.

Officials say the benefits of recycling Christmas trees are endless.

Mike McClung, the Recycling Coordinator said, "It saves landfill space because a lot of times it just goes into the trash and goes into the landfill. This, we can reuse it and use it for mulch and we use it for projects here at the landfill or we sell it and it's available to the community."

Worcester County officials are reminding that before you recycle your Christmas tree, take off all of the ornaments and lights because they can jam up the county's equipment.

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