Worcester County Humane Society discusses their plans for media partnership

Worcester Co. Humane Society discusses their plans for media partnership

WORCESTER CO., Md. - The Worcester County Humane Society has been chosen as one of our media partners this year!

47ABC is now going to be providing $25,000 of TV advertising and promotions to the Worcester County Humane Society.

We sat down with Humane Society officials today to ask them what they plan to do with the advertising.

They say their main goal is to raise awareness about their new spay and neuter program that will be opening soon. 

Jessica Summers, the Manager of Worcester County Humane Society said, "Our plan is to reach as many people. We want to really spread the word on the importance of spaying and neutering for cats and dogs in our area we're hoping to inform the public and to bring people in who are in need to get their cats spayed and neutered."

They hope that by creating and advertising their spay and neuter clinic, they will help decrease overpopulation of cats and dogs in our area.

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