Worc. Co. resident looking to start first sober living home in the county

Worc. Co. resident looking to start...

WEST OCEAN CITY, Md. - One Worcester County resident is looking to take a stand against the drug epidemic by bringing a resource to the area that he believes is desperately needed.

Twenty-seven year old Zach Klina says that resource is a sober living home.

Klina is a Philadelphia native who struggled with addiction. He says in his early teens he started dabbling in substances, by the age of 17 he began taking pain killers and around 18 he was using heroin.

"I ended up homeless in Philadelphia, rehabs, jail," says Klina.

Klina is now clean and living in West Ocean City.

During his time there he's seen his friends also battle with addiction, as well as struggle with accessing local recovery houses because the wait for some of them can be months long.

"He had to go all the way to Wilmington just to get help, which is kind of ridiculous," says Klina.

This has led him to create his own organization called New Beginnings Recovery. This organization aims to help those who are currently battling addiction.

Klina says the first thing on the organization's to-do list is starting a sober living home in Worcester County, something that Klina says was crucial during his path to sobriety.

"It was a perfect transition because it was a safe environment, complete abstinence, surrounded by people that are going through the same thing," says Klina.

Klina says he has already drafted a contract that lists the responsibilities and rules that the tenants would have to live by. Those rules and expectations include paying about $600 a month for rent, having a curfew and doing chores.

Klina  says he can't do this project all on his own. So far his brother as well as the community has helped him get the ball rolling on the recovery home. He tell us he has raised about $1,500  so far, but will be needing around $10,000 for a down payment on a home, which he hopes to open  by 2018.

For more information on New Beginnings Recovery click here.

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