Wico. Co. Teacher of the year celebrated at her school

Wico. Co. Teacher of the year...

SALISBURY, Md. - A celebration was held Friday at Prince Street Elementary School for the newly minted Wicomico County Teacher of the year, Christen Tacka.

Tacka, who serves as a reading intervention teacher at the school, was greeted Friday morning by cheering students and staff.

The celebration then moved inside to the gym where Tacka was seated in a throne with her husband and daughter at her sides.

Tacka received flowers from each of her students to make up a beautiful bouquet and a tiara and sash. The gestures even caused her to get choked up at certain moments.

She says although she was a semi-finalist for teacher of the year she didn't think she had any shot ay winning.

"I was shocked I had no idea. I had picked my favorites for who was going to win, other semifinalists because I think I was with a great group of teachers. So I was absolutely shocked stunned, I didn't have a speech prepared or anything, so it was absolutely wonderful," Tacka said. 

Tacka said winning the award also serves as a reminder for others that are viewed as behind the scenes workers that what they do is very important even if they don't get the same daily recognition that classroom teachers do.

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