Weather effects on local New Year's Eve celebrations

Weather effects on local New Year's...

SALISBURY, Md. - Delmarva is in the grips of a bone-chilling cold blast making some people rethink their holiday plans tomorrow night.  Even a few towns and cities are pulling the plug on their celebrations.

One local saying her and family will ring in the new year at the Salisbury ball drop no matter the weather.  Others calling the idea "crazy."

Different strokes for different folks.  The frigid cold weather has some running for cover this New Year's Eve.

"I think my roommate and I we're just going to have a couple of friends over and we're probably just going to hang out and watch the ball drop on TV," says Salisbury resident Kristen Herring.  "I normally do go out, last few years I've gone out to new year's eve parties with some friends...  I definitely think that's part of it.  There's absolutely no way I would want to be out doing anything right now, it's freezing cold."

Others are fired up for Sunday night, even if the ground is frozen over.

"My New Year's Eve plans are to watch the ball drop from downtown, and to quit smoking," says Salisbury resident Eddie Enos.

Some local governments aren't taking any chances.  Dewey Beach and Fenwick Island are canceling their New Year's Eve events.

"Just standing out here right now it's really cold, so I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to go, especially closer to the water, it's really cold," says Herrig.

"They always make a bigger deal out of the weather than what it really is," says Art Carey, a Hebron resident reacting to area cancellations.  "We're not gonna go out and buy no bread or nothing tomorrow night."

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