Wallet lost, memories found 30 years later

Wallet lost, memories found 30 years...

SALISBURY, Md. - “It was a flood of nostalgia.”

Sarah Haines never thought she would track down her wallet that was stolen nearly thirty years ago. A wallet which wasn't rich in cash, but rich in memories filled with old pictures, ticket stubs, even her Wicomico County library card.

“I just remember feeling really upset that all my friends class photos, kids were always exchanging them back then and writing a message on the back and handing them out, that I had lost all those and over the years I have thought of that, that I didn't have those pictures,” explains Sarah.

But as the saying goes good things come to those who wait, 30 years of waiting must have been long enough because last week Miles Moffit, who is currently remodeling a portion of what used to be the ACME store, found this wallet in the most unexpected place.

“So this is where we found it right here in this room. This is the men's bathroom in the old acme grocery store and we found the wallet right up here. Right here in this particular ceiling tile.”

In it, Moffit found those pictures Haines thought she had lost forever and he knew it was only right to give them back.

“I’m like, ‘wow, this is going to bring back a lot of emotions and memories of the owner if I can find her’ and I felt pretty good about finding it,” explains Moffit.

And thanks to Moffit’s Facebook post going viral with over 600 shares, he found Sarah in less than a day.

“I had 8 or 10 messages from friends and people that I used to work with at the Acme grocery store saying, ‘hey did you have your wallet stolen when you were working there?’ and that's how I found out about Miles,” says Sarah.

Thanks to Moffit's random act of kindness, Sarah now has lifetime of memories that she thought were once lost forever.

“I never in a million years would have thought that I would see any of those belongings again,” Sarah continues, “There is good out there, there are good people like Miles.”

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