Volunteers say they weren't told to leave station before getting trespassing notices

SALISBURY, Md. - Station 1 volunteer firefighters say they were not instructed to leave the station on Beaglin Park Drive before police were called on February 22nd.

Volunteer firefighter representative Cory Polidore says that volunteers went back to the station that evening to get their personally owned helmets. They ended up receiving trespassing notices.

Volunteer firefighters with Company No. 1 announced last month their decision to split from the City of Salisbury and Salisbury's fire department. Polidore says they are working to finalize a lease agreement for a new station on Snow Hill Road. Their current budget is approximately $600,000.

Polidore says they currently have 40 members and are interviewing others. Company No. 1's goal is to be professional and to not bash other firefighters or the city, he said.

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