Volunteers roll up their sleeves to help environment

Volunteers roll up their sleeves to help environment

ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, Md. - Saturday marked the annual cleanup event held by Assateague Island.  Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to keep the beaches and bays clean, not just for the eye, but for the wildlife as well.

"If we had to pick a theme for the day it's that people are here not because they want something in return because this is a place that they love and they grew up here they bring their families here and it's a special place," said organizer Kelly Taylor.

It's a special place for the Kemp family who makes the trip to Assateague every year.

"During the summer we come here very often and we want to keep our beach clean so this is like giving back to the environment," said Bridget Kemp.

The cleanup isn't just to help the aesthetics, but also helping the wildlife who may eat or get trapped by trash left behind.

Assateague has stepped up the effort this year, cleaning a wider range of the island.

"In addition to working on the north end of the island, we also have people out in their personal vehicles with their four-wheel drive vehicles who are cleaning up trash down on the southern end of the island in the over sand vehicle area.  We're really excited that we're having trash coming in from both ends of the island coming to a central location," said Taylor.

But with if everyone did their part every day, not just this day, Taylor says we can leave the environment a better place for those who come after us.

"Leave the place cleaner than you find it and if everyone follows that rule then the environment's going to be much cleaner," said Taylor.

The cleanup was part of the worldwide cleanup hosted by Ocean Conservancy, to remove trash and debris from waterways, streams, bays and seashores.

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