Update on alleged Seaford Middle School assault

Update on alleged Seaford Middle School assault

SEAFORD, Del. - The 12-year-old Seaford boy who claims his special ed teacher physically assaulted him got to tell his side of the story to the school for first time on Monday, almost a week after the incident happened. 

Landen Hess and his mother spoke with the Director for Student Services at Seaford Middle School.

His mother wanted to know if there was any footage from security cameras the school had of what happened. 

She claimed the school told her they only have video from the hallway, and that video footage was not substantial enough to convict anyone because most of the altercation happened inside a classroom. 

Last Tuesday, Landen came home from school with significant bruises on his arms claiming his teacher had restrained him to the point of injury after one of his melt downs. 

His mother said despite the school not having the footage, she won't stop pressing. Melissa Bisram said, "This is not something that's going to go away. It's not going away I'm not going to let it until I get justice for my child and see to it that no other child is ever hurt."

Landen's mother claims the school did not follow the proper protocol when dealing with her son. 

We're told Delaware State Police and the school are both still investigating the incident. 

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