UPDATE: Fruitland boil advisory lifted, local businesses react

Fruitland boil advisory lifted, local...

FRUITLAND, Md. - Following a water main break in Fruitland that could have easily been avoided, a boil water advisory was issued on Wednesday.

Just hours after that advisory was issued, the health department required all Fruitland restaurants to close down until the water was tested and cleared.

The water was deemed safe to drink and use early Friday morning, but local business owners say, they wish the city had communicated with them more and presented them with more options rather than shutting them down altogether.

Pete Roskovich, the Owner of Adam's Tap House, said, "I just wish the City of Fruitland had been more proactive and you know let the business know you know what happened and what we can do...If I had been told by Fruitland maybe on Wednesday night like hey, look, you might not be ready for Thursday lets be proactive, but I wasn't given that opportunity."

All Fruitland restaurants are now back open for business.

Owners are hoping that if this ever happens again, the City of Fruitland will be more proactive.

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