University, City out to help clean up local community

University, City out to help clean up...

SALISBURY, Md. - Hundreds of Salisbury University students put on their gloves and grabbed some tools to help the community in its tenth annual I love Salisbury clean up day.

Students formed teams and were transported to sixty locations in the city to help locals, mostly elderly, clean their yards.  We're told this is one of the university's biggest events to connect students with the community.

"A lot of the time we'll have residents actually come out and work with the students.  They'll get to talking," said civic engagement director Alex Aiosa.  "I know one year, a lady made her students cookies and brought out lemonade, and they just sat out around when they were done and talked for an hour.  So it's a really great event for the community members.  It helps them clean up their yard, and a lot of them are elderly, and it also helps the students because it's a great way to get out do some community service get to know your neighbors."

Salisbury's Beautification Committee, partnering with the City, was also doing their part to clean areas of the city.  They were at Mitchell Pond on the west side of town.

This is part of the ongoing effort to help clean the Wicomico River and waterways that flow into the river like Mitchell Pond.

"A few things that were unexpected, but a lot of beer bottles, a lot of wrappers from 7-11, and that sort of thing.  A lot of things that folks could hold on a little longer and find a trash can, that would make a big difference," said city administrator Julia Glanz.

For those who would like to get involved the cleanup effort that takes place every month, call the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce at 410.749.0144 and ask for the Beautification Committee.

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