Two Md. animal cruelty bills voted down

Two Md. animal cruelty bills voted down

MARYLAND - During Maryland's general session, two bills that were introduced as a direct result of the suspected puppy mill in Eden were voted down.

Senator Jim Mathias, the sponsor of both bills,  says one of the bills would have made mistreating 10 or more dogs a a felony instead of a misdemeanor. The second  bill would have established an animal abuse registry that would list violators of animal abuse laws.

Despite both bills not advancing out of the Judicial Proceeding Committee, Senator Mathias tells us he will try again next year.

"That's were sadly the bills are now, but with my solid commitment, we are going to move forward with the next legislative session for 2018," says Senator Mathias.

Senator Mathias tells 47 ABC he plans on meeting again with advocates of this bill as well as the Judicial Proceedings Committee to find common ground on this bill.

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