Trial begins for Gaskins murder suspect

Trial begins for Gaskins murder suspect

SALISBURY, Md. - Tuesday, opening arguments took place in the case of Daquan Dickerson. The 21 year old is accused of first degree murder in the death of Keonte Gaskins last May.

The state claims that Dickerson was the trigger man and killed Keonte as a way to get his 'pride back' after being robbed at gun point. The defense argues that police does not have enough information to pinpoint Dickerson as the one who fired the deadly shot at Gaskins.

An important thing to note in this case is that two other people have been convicted in connection to this murder. Those two men are Joshua Perry and Gerald Savage.

Savage took the witness stand on Tuesday. Savage did not implicate Dickerson as the trigger man, however he did say he drove Dickerson to look for a weapon in Salisbury. Savage also said he later helped 'get rid' of the clothing both Dickerson and Perry wore that night.

 Perry is also expected to take the witness stand. The trial is scheduled for four days.

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