Tips for stranded travelers

Tips for stranded travelers

MARYLAND - About two million Marylanders are expected to be traveling the roadways during the year end holiday period.  And with that many people driving, there are bound to be cars pulled over on the shoulder with problems.  Four pedestrians have died in Maryland since October 12 because of these incidents.

Maryland State Police wants to remind folks if you need to pull over, keep your seat belt on, call for assistance and limit your time on the side of the road as much as possible.

Make your car as visible with lights as possible, even during the day.

Don't attempt to fix your vehicle yourself and only exit if you absolutely have to.  And most importantly, be aware of your surroundings.

•    Pull over and out of traffic if possible.  Call for assistance as soon as it is safe to do so.  You want to limit your time on the side of the road as much as possible because of the danger you are being exposed to.    
•    Remember, even if all of your emergency lights are activated, it is not guaranteed that another driver will see you in time to stop.  Even with all the lights on police cars, fire engines, ambulances and tow trucks, drivers far too often drive into emergency scenes and strike first responders.  
•    Carry an emergency kit in your car that includes, among other things, extra lights mentioned above and a reflective vest you can put on if you have to get out of your vehicle.  Remember, you want to do all you can to ensure other drivers see you and your vehicle.  
•    When you are in your vehicle, always keep your seat belt on, even if you are just sitting on the side of the road.  
•    Don't attempt to fix the vehicle in the road by yourself. Even if you believe it will be an easy fix, it is safer to call a professional.
•    Only exit the vehicle if you absolutely have to and if it is safe to do so. If you are able to, raise the hood of the vehicle to alert passing authorities that you need assistance
•    Be patient. Highways and other busy roads are regularly patrolled by police and tow truck operators. Someone will eventually stop to help if you are unable to call yourself. Deciding to walk for assistance should involve careful consideration.  

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