Talbot's Got Heart campaign encourages everyone to be Narcan trained

Talbot's Got Heart campaign...

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. - Maryland is on track to have over 2,000 overdoses this year.

With those alarming numbers, Talbot County's Health Department is pushing a new awareness campaign called Talbot's Got Heart. 

It hopes to encourage individuals and businesses to be Narcan trained and have it on hand. 

They are giving everyone a sticker that says 'Narcan trained'.

From there, businesses can put that sticker on their window making everyone aware that Narcan is on site. 

They're also training county employees through out the months.

Since July 1st, they have trained over 500 people. 

They have added 7 new locations for training sessions, four that are still available:

November 15 - Easton Fire House

November 27 - Oxford Fire House

November 29 - Tilghman Fire House

December 14 - St. Michaels Library 

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