Talbot County celebrates Frederick Douglass' 200th birthday

Talbot Co. celebrates Frederick...

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. - February 14th is more than just a day dedicated to love. It actually marks the birth of an African-American abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman: Frederick Douglass.

Just yesterday, Governor Larry Hogan signed a proclamation declaring 2018, 'Year of Frederick Douglass'. 

But this year also marks his 200th birthday.

Community members honoring this Eastern Shore native through a wreathe laying ceremony.

It happened near the seven-foot bronze statue of Douglass on the lawn of the county courthouse. And these grounds are significant. Back in 1878, Douglass came back to this exact spot to speak to residents. 

Eric Lowery, the president of Frederick Douglass' Honor Society says, "It was to let everyone know that there are problems in our society and we need to resolve them and you do that through agitation so by being outspoken and informing."

Descendants of this civil rights leader were also there to honor their long lost loved one. 

Both his family and community members, say they are honored that Frederick Douglass' efforts in the past are still making an impact today.

There will be events, celebrations and commemorations happening around the state throughout the year.

Governor Hogan just announced the introduction of a new driving tour called "Frederick Douglass Following his Footsteps". It's a 131-mile journey highlighting different sites across Maryland that made an impact on his life. 

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