SU Communications Professor explains net neutrality, after FCC votes to repeal it

SALISBURY, Md. - The Federal Communications Commission has voted to kill the net neutrality rules that guaranteed equal access to the internet.

The Republican-led FCC voted 3-2 today. 

This could potentially create big changes in how we use the internet.

Because local matters, 47 ABC sat down with an SU Communications Associate Professor, Dr. Jennifer Cox, to break it down and explain what this means for us. 

We're told revoking net neutrality could allow internet providers such as Comcast or Cox to prioritize certain content over others. 

Companies could potentially pay to slow down or speed up internet traffic from specific websites or web based apps. 

Dr. Cox says, the internet should compete on it's own without the interference of providers. 

"We need net neutrality, revoking net neutrality would be a terrible, terrible mistake at this point, yes we should encourage free market. But we also don't want to hurt the American people by forcing them to pay for different types of internet, for different accesses to internet," Dr. Cox tells 47 ABC. 

We're told for now, companies charge for speed which is in their right. 

But with this recent repeal, they may be able to charge you for the amount of content you want to get just like a phone plan.  

The issue may ultimately end up being decided in court. 

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