Soup kitchen helps warm locals up in bitter cold months

Soup kitchen helps warm locals up in...

CRISFIELD, Md. - A new soup kitchen in Crisfield's Woodrow Wilson Community Center is inspiring others across the Delmarva Peninsula to follow suit.

In December a spur of the moment soup kitchen was put on to help Crisfield folks struggling during the winter months.  That effort continued this weekend with a little help from 47ABC's Julian Sadur.

We're told in December over a hundred people were fed a hot meal, and 25 volunteers donated their free time to make this possible.

With kids home for school more often and the weather turning bitter the food, hats and gloves being handed out are a way for Crisfield residents to make a big difference in their community.

"The church has done sandwiches to give out with the soup, so they just delivered those, and people are buying the supplies we need, everybody's donating," says event organizer Lynne Brumley.  "And with schools closed over Christmas break and for the snow days, it's put a hard impact on the families because they're having to use food from home to feed the kids.  So we're hoping this helps."

Lynne's daughter, Stephanie, tells us Pocomoke High is picking up on the idea, and hopes to have a facility lined up to have their own event on February 9th.

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