Somerset County launches new emergency notification system

Somerset Co. launches new emergency...

SOMERSET COUNTY, Md. - Just last month, Somerset County launched their very own emergency notification system. 

They were able to use it during Winter Storm Grayson in January providing helpful tips to users.  

But in order to be apart of the system, you have to sign up, which is something the county is urging everyone to do before it's too late. 

It's called CodeRED. It sends out emergency messaging in the event of an emergency, including natural disasters evacuations, missing persons, terrorism threats, escaped felons, and water contaminations. 

They will notify you during crucial moments, all through text messages, calls, and emails. They can send a message to the entire county or to a targeted area. 

Emergency services is ditching their old system, which was 10-years-old to reach residents faster with this new platform.

While we've seen glitches in other systems, Somerset County says they shouldn't run into any issues. 

Emergency Services Director, Yvette Cross says, "The beauty with CodeRED, you have to put in your launch code, so there's not mistake from that happening. You have to physically go look up your launch code before you activate any message."

But in order for messages to reach you, you have to sign up if you don't have a landline. Currently, they have access to landline databases. Wireless providers do not give them databases.

In their current system, they only have 600 wireless customers. 

Somerset County says they are launching their first test next Thursday at 10 a.m. and will notify residents before hand. 

If you receive this test message then it's guaranteed that you'll get the notification during an actual emergency.

To sign up, you can go to the emergency services website here

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