Somerset County celebrates Walk Maryland Day

Somerset County celebrates Walk Maryland Day

It was the perfect day for people to take part in Walk Maryland Day Wednesday.  

It's a statewide initiative to get people up and moving and counties all across the shore decided to take Walk Maryland Day as a way to get their local community out and walking.

Somerset County was one of many giving incentives for people to get off the couch or office chair and get active.

ECI, Somerset schools, and parks & recreation all took time out of their day to walk around.

The director of Somerset's Parks and Recreations used this day of reaction to show locals all the trails they have to offer to continue staying active.

"We have posted signs all around Somerset County for paddling, walk, bike, and our golf course down the road, Great Hope golf course. It's  an effort to show these things exist in the county and this is a program that you can have we have maps trails recipes and things for healthy living," says Clint Sterling, Somerset's director for Parks and Recreation.

Somerset County wasn't the only place here on the shore that got off the couch.

Worcester County also had a walking event today showing the importance of staying active.

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