Somerset Co. school opens food pantry for students

Somerset Co. school school opens food...

MARION, Md. - One Somerset County school has introduced a new program that they hope will prevent any student from going hungry.

Marion Sarah Peyton School has opened a food pantry for their students.

"We have a large population that actually needs it , every student in our district qualifies for free lunch," says William Johnson, the principal at Marion Sarah Peyton.

Somerset County schools provide free breakfast and lunch to students during the week, but officials were concerned about what happens when kids weren't at school,  and this food pantry is just one way they can help.

"We can't be with our students all the time, and we recognize there is a need throughout the day, and obviously a need throughout the evening, so this kind of fills in that gap," says Johnson.

School officials say students and their parents will fill out a form that identifies the items they need. However the food pantry is not the only way they are looking to help their students, staff will also be teaching them how to prepare their own meals.

School officials tell us all the food is being provided by the Maryland Food bank. We're told students and their families will also be given food for a Thanksgiving meal.

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