Social media could be creating anxiety and self esteem issues among teens

Social media could be creating...

SALISBURY, Md. - At times social media can be a positive thing, but it can also cause anxiety among teens and millennials. 

Mental health professionals say that the proliferation of smart phones and other electronic devices have teens struggling to keep up with a culture that relies on now. 

47 ABC spoke to a counselor at Salisbury University who says that platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can create self esteem issues, and can be overwhelming to monitor. 

We are told a simple "like" can affect someone's confidence, as students compare themselves through a newsfeed creating a disconnect.

Counselor Dawn Harner says, "So they are posting or displaying for everyone typically those moments that they want to capture and that can be a very skewed, it can be very skewed in the context of what's happening in their day."

Some tips to relieve that anxiety are putting limits around it. Turning off your phone is one big step. Another is to respond when you have time, not having to be responsive at every single moment.

Talking about it with a friend or family member is also beneficial. 

Support is also available at Salisbury University. The counseling department has 4 full time counselors, so students can come in and work with them. 

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