Snow Hill High School completes renovations

Snow Hill High School completes...

SNOW HILL, Md. - Tuesday morning, officials gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the newly renovated Snow Hill High School.

Some of the new additions to the building are science labs, athletic facilities, and computer labs.

"We have gone almost more than triple the size of our school," says Kimberly Purvis, the principal at Snow Hill High School.

Principal Purvis says the completion of this 44 million dollar project has been a long time coming.

"I was here back in 2002 as a guidance counselor, when this project was initially thought about," says Purvis.

47 ABC spoke with Principal Purvis last year when the renovations were halfway complete.

"The intent is to make certain that our kids leave college and career ready and I think these amenities give them that experience first hand," says Purvis.

Purvis says back then, certain classes were moved to portables during construction.

"At one point we had 21 portable classrooms however students were able to maintain instruction and stay in the school , as we are building the school around them," says Purvi.s

Emily Mast, a senior says," It's been a ride, it really has, going through with construction here all the time having the smell of tar and the really noisy construction going on , but I think it was completely worth it.'

Mast tells us her favorite part of the school is the new band room and chorus room.

"We were able to go in there have way more space, better acoustics," says Mast.

Although Mast, is on her way out, she says she is happy that future students will be able to benefit from the new technology and facility.

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