Skate shop latest business to roll into downtown Salisbury

Skate shop latest business to roll...

SALISBURY, Md. - Lurking Class Skate Shop owned by Bryan Whipple is the latest edition to the Salisbury Plaza, selling skateboards, shirts, helmets and more.

Whipple says he'd previously sold skating gear to locals out of a trailer he would station at local parks.  He says he's been a member of the Salisbury skating community since the late 90s, forging many relationships with others in the skating community along the way.

As of now the new business owner and local entrepreneur runs his business on weekends, and hopes to have it open full time come spring.

"We went up and down every street in the town pretty much.  And I didn't even see this one until I was walking by to take a look at another spot and I peaked in it was available ... and two or three weeks later I was in here."

The skate shop's grand opening will take place the next Third Friday, on November 17.

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