Shore Transit routes change for riders in rural areas

Shore Transit routes change for riders in rural areas

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. - Shore Transit provides about 350,000 trips to Eastern Shore residents each year. 

But now, they are facing some changes. 

The changes will affect riders coming from rural areas throughout Worcester, Wicomico, and Somerset Counties. 

Currently Shore Transit provides rides five days a week. Now they're breaking it down to two days. 

Normally, they would pick someone up from a rural area and bring them to a bus stop, so they can go wherever and then they will take them back. 

But Shore Transit says it's a change they have to make due to funding. 

And some consumers are not thrilled.

One rider who uses the bus every single day hopes this will not be a permanent change. 

Shore Transit says, "Reducing service is not something any transit organization wants to do, but funding drives us to economize. We must serve the most people possible with the limited resources we have."

In Somerset County, the schedule will change to Tuesday and Thursday.  

It will take effect on January 2nd.

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