Sheriff Lewis weighs in on Texas Church shooting: 'But, from this day forward I will be armed'

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. - Through social media, a Wicomico County law enforcement officer weighs in on the Texas church shooting and plans for protection in the event of possible similar attacks.

Following the mass hooting that happened at the First Baptist Church, in Texas, Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis took to Facebook to express the need for plans in the event of similar incidents. On Thursday, Sheriff Lewis addressed in a Facebook post the need for standard operating procedures and training in regard to possible attacks.

 In his statement Lewis says, " However, from this day forward, every off-duty cop should be ARMED at all times. And, that includes church service on Sunday morning. My heart is heavy just thinking about carrying my gun in church. But, from this day forward I will be armed, and I won't hesitate to protect those around me. For those men and women with Maryland concealed carry permits, if you're authorized to carry it, carry it! Don't become a statistic. Protect yourselves!!! Be vigilant! Maintain situational awareness. Your LIFE and the LIVES of your loved ones depend on it."

47ABC will be speaking with Sheriff Lewis tonight in the 47 ABC NewsHour.

See Sheriff Lewis' full post below:

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