Seven arrested for fight and shots fired in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. - The Maryland State Police have charged seven people for a fight with shots fired that occurred early this morning in Salisbury.

Police responded to the 800 block of Parker Rd in Salisbury at 1:00 am.

When police arrived  the suspects tried to flea but police ended up finding them during multiple traffic stops. They are: 24 year old Arnell Bivans of Fruitland, 19 year old  Dae von Wheeless of Glen Burnie, and 20 year Aitana Satchell, 21 year old Angela Collins, 21 year old Leonard Pompilus and 22 year old Ellen Curry all of Salisbury, Md.  An additional female was arrested but police have only said that she is a juvenile. 

During the search around the scene police found a handgun. They also say they found suspected heroin and crack cocaine suspected for sale in plain view inside one of the vehicles.

Police say the incident began about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, when four of the suspects drove to the home in the 800-block of Parker Road with the intent of fighting the woman who lived there, due to an ongoing dispute.  The four suspects left the scene initially after seeing how many people were at the home.Then the four suspects returned with the second vehicle containing three additional people.  The suspects approached the home on foot and witnesses said a physical altercation ensued when Satchell and Pompilus assaulted the intended victim outside her home.  When the victim's mother attempted to call police witnesses say it was then that Bivans threatened the victim's mother with the gun before firing multiple shots into the air.


No injuries were reported in this incident.

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