SBY Lions Club gives back to community through eye screenings and eyeglass recycling program

SBY Lions Club gives back to...

SALISBURY, Md. - The oldest club on the peninsula is giving back to the community. 

Just last month, the Salisbury Lions Club screened over 700 students for their vision, resulting in 100 referrals for vision impairment. 

The club actually does all the vision screenings for Wicomico County schools, searching for any eye abnormalities from pre-k to 1st grade. 

To give you some history, Helen Keller presented to the International Lions Cub back in the 1920's urging for members to combat blindness. So they've carried that task til this day. 

We are told it's important to screen children at an early age for them to address any issues. 

In addition to eye screenings, the club also has an eyeglass recycling program that collects reading glasses and frames. They are cleaned and distributed to anyone who can't afford them. 

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