Salisbury YMCA prepares for $2.8 million aquatic center expansion

SBY YMCA prepares for $2.8 million aquatic center expansion

SALISBURY, MD, - The Richard A. Henson Family YMCA in Salisbury is expanding its aquatic center to start more programs for its members.Construction will create an additional indoor and outdoor pool. The project's total cost is set at $2.8 million, but so far the YMCA has raised $2.1 million through donations from the Richard Henson Foundation and The Donnie Williams Foundation. Both pools have activities for the community including swimming lessons,exercise classes,competitions and many other programs. But, the demand for pool time is more than what the YMCA can currently handle. 

"I programs has expanded our swim team has expanded our membership has expanded which means you constantly have members wanting more laps space and just the outreach programs that we can provide for the community we'll be able to expand on those with the additional space," said the Executive Director for Salisbury's YMCA, Deanna Harrell.

Construction for the expansion is expected to begin in March and should be finished by the spring of 2019.

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