Salisbury University student could be MTVU's next VJ

Salisbury University student could be...

SALISBURY, Md. - A Salisbury University student, Madison Nock, will find out if she has won a national competition to become an MTVU VJ on Monday.

It all started in August when Madison Nock saw a unique email in her inbox. 

Nock said, "So I kind of like heard around campus like people talking about MTVU and I was like, 'What is this? What is MTVU?' So I keep going on my campus bulletin emails, and I see, you know, an email with the headline auditions for MTVU and I was like, 'MTV? What's this what's going on?'"

MTVU is a show geared toward the collegiate community. The station has nine million viewers. 

Nock said, "MTVU is a nationwide like college channel for the universities. It's on all campuses around like I think it's 700 universities, over 9 million people see it."

For anyone who is puzzled by the term video jockey, Madison has an explanation. She said, "The video jockey's just normally introduce music videos and introduce shows and they become you know rising stars and become you know, they build a name for themselves by starting off being a VJ."

Nock said the audition was intense and and held right on SU's campus. She said, "So it was a piece of paper and we had to memorize three little like phrases."

Nock added that she got three tries with each phrase. "The first few times I was nervous, so I was like okay, okay people. Just forget that anybody is watching, let's just focus on auditioning! So I was like, okay, and then I just went for it and I was like oh, that felt good! Like I really, I really enjoyed that," Nock said.

Madison will find out if she's MTVU's newest VJ on Monday. She told 47 ABC even if she doesn't get chosen, she's thankful for the once in a lifetime opportunity. "Either way if I win or not I'm very you know happy that I got to do this experience," she said.

47ABC will be checking MTVU's website and Facebook page to find out if Madison got the job. We will post any updates to our website.

UPDATE: Madison Nock did not win the competition, but she still plans on moving forward and pursuing her dream of being a playlist production performer on Carnival Cruise Lines after college.

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