Salisbury Middle School students spreading kindness to homeless through clothing drive

Salisbury Middle School students spreading kindness to homeless through clothing drive

SALISBURY, Md. - One middle school in Wicomico County is hoping to promote kindness not only in their school but also throughout the community. 

Salisbury Middle School is tackling a world wide issue locally. It's being done through a new fundraiser called Socktober, in order to spread a little kindness.

We are told it's aimed to raise socks, hats, and gloves for homeless shelters.

One of the 6th grade teachers, Nicholas Tretina tells 47 ABC, "One of the issues is that homeless shelters do not have enough clothing so the goal is raise as many socks as you can."

Over 600,000 Americans are homeless and they could find themselves on the streets moving from place to place without basic necessities.

And that's why there is Socktober because believe it or not, the thing they most often go without are socks.

Locally, Halo and Salisbury Middle are teaming up becoming the perfect pair. And they have already collected over 200 donations. 

"Through this campaign, we're hoping that students begin to learn that we need to care for people other than just ourselves. So things as small as a pair of socks can really go along way," Tretina says. 

That message isn't lost on the Middle Schoolers, who know that their simple act of kindness could do more than provide warmth this holiday season. It could create a sense of community.

The school has made this a competition, so that means the homeroom who collects the most items will win a pizza party. 

Socktober will finish at the end of the month but students are pushing to collect as many donations as possible until then. 

This is their first year but this won't be there last. They are pushing to continue this new tradition in order to give back to the community.

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