Salisbury fire station controversy update

Salisbury fire station controversy...

SALISBURY, Md. - At the Wicomico County Council meeting tonight, the battle between the city of Salisbury and Fire Station 13 continued.

County executive Bob Culver addressed the council and the public to update them on the ongoing situation. He says that they have not awarded any territory to any other company, and that's not in his power. He also added that he instructed Wicomico County Director of Emergency Services Dave Shipley to start the preliminary work in case this agreement falls through.

"Either the city of the county can cancel this agreement after 6 months if its untenable for them. And my thought is that based on the income, and I've done projections of what the income will be for this city, there will be that risk," said Culver.

The Wicomico County Council declined to comment on this matter for us at the meeting.


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