A Salisbury clinic aims to treat depression with new magnetic device

A Salisbury clinic aims to treat...

SALISBURY, Md. - Over 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

Community Behavioral Health in Salisbury is dedicated to helping a growing number of men and women suffering from depression.

Neurologist and Psychiatrist, Dr. Niru Jani, says depression is a psychological problem that has to be tackled head-on.

Dr. Jani says those who suffer from depression that it tends to affect global functions as it affects all of your domains.

He also states, "The neurochemicals that are responsible for depression are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. So what happens to a person who is depressed their levels drop."

In many cases, medication is provided to increase those levels, but not many people can withstand those side effects.

And a machine at Community Behavioral Health called the "Brainsway" uses Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which allows stimulation to be very localized to increase those neurochemicals.

This FDA approved helmet is placed on your head for 20 minutes a day.

From there, this treatment is based on response, focusing on the movement of your thumb to see your best reaction. When the machine finds the perfect spot, it focuses on that position, in order to raise those neurochemical levels.

We even spoke to a patient benefiting from this machine.

The patient who asks to remain anonymous states, "I've been depressed for so long and you get used to do so many things as a depressed person, when something different happens you notice little changes that you haven't had in such a long time."

The patient says it's great to have something that doesn't cause side effects and that can actually create permanent changes to your brain.

We're told that one out of three participants will show signs of improvement because of the helmet.

Community Behavioral Health tells 47 ABC that they even have a wait-list for patients wanting to try the treatment. They have had this device since 2016 and hope to continue helping those suffering. 

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