Rough start to the 44th Annual White Marlin Open

Rough start to the 44th Annual White...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - A rough start for the 44th Annual White Marlin Open in Ocean City Monday.

The weather anything but sea-worthy and still more than 100 boats set sail hoping to reel in the big catch.

The prize money this year worth the struggle, double the total in 2016, a cool $4.9 million.

"I've fished it when it's plenty rough. It's part of the program you know Mother Nature does what Mother Nature does, you can't control it just got to deal with it," explains Florida fisherman, Jim Brody.
However, Mother Nature did affect how the game is played. More than 200 boats opted to stay off the water.

Brody adds, "When it's like this, it's tough visually you know you're trying to watch bait, watch your teeters and everything. It makes it a lot more difficult if the fish does come in here we don't see it because of the weather so that's one thing that affects it right there."

For many competitors, weather like this can take away from the tournament.

"The overcast days kind of blinds you and it's also not very enjoyable. I mean I don't like to be out there in the rough weather," explains fisherman, Foster Coffman.

But Monday's rough waters aren't taking anything away from the tournament. The rain and the wind are likely delaying the inevitable, excitement for the hundreds of people that are involved.

Brody says, "It's exciting a lot of activity and you always got a chance for the big pay day, when you look at it you got better odds than the lottery."

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