Rotary Club honoring veterans

Rotary Club honoring veterans

SALISBURY, Md. - The Rotary Club of Salisbury was doing their part tonight to honor veterans Thursday night at their annual Veterans Day meeting.

The meeting was stacked with veterans and their families.  The guest speaker, Tony Sarbanes, served in the army on active or reserve duty for over three decades, reaching the rank of Major General, while also serving locally as the Principal of Wicomico High and Parkside High School.

He says this holiday, along with Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day, are important because they recognize those protecting our nation.

"Veterans Day honors anyone who has ever served in the military.  Then we have Memorial Day is where you pay your respects for those people gave their life to -- in service to our country.  And then Armed Forces Day, which is also in May, as is Memorial Day, is to thank those people who are on active duty in the military."

This Saturday, Veterans Day, at the Civic Center, a ceremony with Tony Sarbanes will take place at 11 a.m.

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