Road to recovery after puppy mill

Road to recovery after puppy mill

CRISFIELD, Md. - At first glance, 3 year old Izzy looks like a fun and loving Pomeranian, but she wasn't always like that.

"Any little noise scared her and she would run and would kind of cower,' says Kathi Wilmoth, Izzy's owner.

Izzy is one of the 310 dogs that were rescued from deplorable conditions in a suspected puppy mill in Eden about a year ago. Kathie Wilmoth adopted her from the Somerset County Animal Control a month after she was rescued.

"I was mad, that people would do such a thing" says Wilmoth.

The past 10 months, Wilmoth has spent countless hours rehabilitating Izzy. She says it's been a long process getting her trained and accustomed to normal day to day things.

Something as simple as going up and down the steps, used to be challenge for Izzy. Wilmoth also says Izzy would not get along with everyone.

"She barked at my husband the first two weeks that I had her, bark, bark, bark she didn't like him. If there was a man that  would be across the whole parking lot, she would growl and bark. She would be upset over men," says Wilmoth.

Wilmoth says treating her like a puppy helped her warm up and get her accustomed to a daily routine.

"I would take her outside every 2 to 3 hours and I would praise her up and down. Good girl, good girl. When she did her business outside," says Wilmoth.

However, Wilmoth says within several months, Izzy has come along way.

Although she can still be skittish at  times,  that's something Wilmoth is willing to continue working on.

It is a little extra work more than just adopting regular puppy, but it's worth it, because they know you saved them, and you know they love you," says Wilmoth.

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