Queen Anne's County launches: Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

Centreville, Md. - Queen Anne's County police are also concerned about pedestrian safety. They say too many people are exceeding the 25 mph speed limit across county roads.

To help improve that number the Queen Anne County's Office of the Sheriff launched the Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 campaign that encourages residents to put up yards signs reminding drivers to go the speed limit. 

According to the public information officer, there has been a significant number of complaints sent in by residents about careless drivers.

"We basically partnered with this campaign because the sheriff's number one concern is speeding in residential areas, and we've received numerous complaints about the speeding," said the Public Information Officer, Lauren Moses.

"So what we've wanted to do was get together and do community policing to basically end the speeding that could be hazardous to our children," said Moses.

Residents are encouraged to submit complaints on the police department's social media. 

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