Public information meeting held for Blades residents

BLADES, Del. - A public information meeting was held by DNREC and DPH in Blades Tuesday night to update residents on the current water situation.

Officials say the national guard is still on deck providing water. They are getting water from water tanks until a permanent solution is in place. 

DNREC says they will be handing over that solution by Wednesday. They are installing a large carbon filtration system in order to give the town a stable drinking system.

Residents will be able to drink water from their tap. 

Shawn Garvin, the Secretary of Environmental Control at DNREC said, "Putting a permanent carbon system made the most sense, it was the most expedient, you don't have to rent a system and try to figure out what to do long term. This will be a permanent system, we will eventually transition over from DNREC to division public health."

From there, DPH will look into a future date to add a second carbon filtration system. They are installing this as a precaution. 

In the future, if the larger system needs to be maintained they won’t have to take the system offline, but for now, their water system will be back online in about a week. 

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