PRMC opens behavioral health unit for youth

PRMC opens behavioral health unit for...

SALISBURY, Md. - A local hospital is doing everything they can to help their younger patients. 

Peninsula Regional Medical Center celebrated the opening of a behavioral health unit  that will tailor their services to the needs of youth experiencing mental health crises.

"Most of the kids that we see here in the emergency department are experiencing situational depression, chronic depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation," says Sarah Arnett, the Director of Emergency & Trauma Services.

In the last few years, PRMC officials have felt the pressure to meet the demand of young patients facing crisis like these.

"We've seen about 600 that fall under the age, which are under the age of 18, which we would consider pediatric or adolescent in the past fiscal year here at the hospital, but our numbers are growing," says Arnett.

Prior to this new unit,  youth would be assessed amongst other adult patients at PRMC, and sometimes causing youth to feel uncomfortable when it comes to opening up about personal issues.PRMC hopes this unit can more accurately assess their patients in a more private setting.

"It's a total of 5 rooms, we have a dedicated nurse station, a dedicated  security monitoring. We have three regular emergency style rooms, and two rooms that allows us to do seclusion ore restraint if it is required," says Arnett.

The PRMC Foundation is in the process of raising funds to add an inpatient treatment center as well for children in need of more intensive treatment.

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