Prince Street Elementary students take stage to spread anti-bullying message

Prince Street Elementary students...

SALISBURY, Md - At their school talent show Friday night, a group of Prince Street Elementary students came together to spread their message to their classmates to be the change.

According to Bureau of Justice numbers, 37 percent of students report being bullied in schools.  CDC research shows bullying can result in physical, psychological, social, or educational harm.

Third grader Kimari Moses was to be part of an act with classmates involving a dance with an anti-bully themed song with classmates.

Kimari came to her dance coach, second grade teacher Christy Gilbert, with an idea to perform an anti-bully rap before the dance that tied everything together.

She says she has seen her friends bullied first-hand and wants to make a difference.

Prince Street has created an in-school movement to help stop bullying.  In February, the school had a "Week of Kindness" where students created posters for teachers and classmates.

Gilbert has been overwhelmed by her students and the change they are creating.

"It gives me chills to think that it's all tying together and watch them in the hallways and they're speaking life over kids, they're using kind words, and just to see that they're bold and courageous to make a change in the world is awesome."

We can all learn from Kimari who had wise words before taking the stage for everyone, two wrongs do not make a right.

"People that are bullying, they do that because maybe they've been bullied before, but even if you've been bullied before that doesn't make it right to bully other people."

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