Pocomoke High School showcasing brand new murals featuring student athletes

Pocomoke High School showcasing brand...

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - Pocomoke High School is showcasing brand new murals featuring their athletes.

A mural used to be in their gymnasium but it was torn down after renovations took place.

It used to have warriors riding in on horses, but now they added students to the mix. 

The artist, Dawn Tarr-Scott, is actually a Pocomoke alumna. 

She was the one who painted the original mural in 1992 and they requested her to come back. 

There are eleven students drawn and it varies among different sports. 

These are actual depictions of current students. 

Tarr-Scott says, "We made them intimidating like they are looking at the opposing team and holding whatever sport it is so an intimidating idea."

During the summer, student athletes came in for the artist to sketch it. And then art students finished the final product.

The unveiling of these murals will officially take place at homecoming next month.


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