Pocomoke High School has a new staff member who reduces stress among students

Pocomoke High School has a new staff...

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - The newest staff member walking around Pocomoke High has 4 legs and even a tail.

Rudy is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, the latest addition to Pocomoke High School.

The school counselor, Jessi Bova, also known as Rudy's mom, brought Rudy to be another set of listening ears, as a therapy dog.

Bova states, "He just helps because he's so happy and excited to see them so he allows them to calm down and just petting him is comforting."

Rudy's digging his new job and has already been a positive experience for many of the students, especially those struggling with stress from upcoming tests and exams.

Bova tells 47 ABC that she notices a difference just having him there. She say the students are more open to talk about certain things or when they are really emotional having him there brings a little more comfort to them.

Rudy walks up and down the halls greeting all the students as they scurry to class.

One student even says that Rudy is quite the treat for their school.

Junior Kaylia Hudgins says, "He interacts with everybody. Everybody loves to see a dog they get happy, every time he's around, I think he's a great improvement to Pocomoke."

We are told that Pocomoke High has been trying to get a therapy dog for some time, so they're feeling fortunate to have found a new school counselor this year, who just happened to have this playful pup.

Rudy has been on the job for just three weeks now but we're told not just the students love Rudy, but also school staff. 

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