Pocomoke City hoping their water issues are resolved

Pocomoke City hoping their water...

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - Pocomoke City is finally breaking ground on an issue that residents have been dealing with for decades, murky water. 

"You see the steel pipe we just pulled out? When you rub your hand on it, all that iron and rust and build up, that's what these people have been getting in their houses for the last 40 years," says Pocomoke City Manager Bobby Cowger. 

Cowger thinks they've finally found a solution in the form of the lorex device. 

"We're starting the pilot program that we've been talking about for several months and the pilot program is with a company from Korea that has a device that will go into our water lines and as the water travels through the water lines, hopefully, it's going to be taking out the iron and the rust and the color that the people have been getting." 

Which is music to Cowger's ears, if of course it works.

The company installing the device, Iorex USA, says their device clears up the sediment buildup causing the resident's murky water. 

Iorex CEO, Julie Koo, says, "The beauty about this is the water itself is actually okay. It doesn't take anything out of the water or add anything to the water. What it does is that it resets the water meaning it ionizes the water and also using a little bit of turbulence to break down the water cluster." 

If it works, this one device will clean up water for 180 residents alone. Cowger believes the water issue could be resolved by the end of this year, if the program is successful.

"If this thing works and with the water piping that I'm replacing, I've got hopes that within the end of this year, 2018, we'll have the water problems and issues that have been going on for 40 years resolved in Pocomoke." 

This is the first time Iorex has installed it's device in a municipal public water system. 

Since this is a pilot program, Cowger tells 47 ABC if it doesn't work they will be refunded the $30,00 they've given Iorex, who will also take out the devices. 

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