Pint-sized broadcaster predicts Super Bowl outcome

Pint-sized broadcaster predicts Super...

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - Talking, sleeping, and dreaming about football,  it's what's on everyone's mind as the Super Bowl nears.

However one radio station in Cambridge is creating quite the buzz, but it is not for what they're predicting...but rather who the man behind the mic is.

Twelve year old Cole Ledger is one of the co-hosts of Sports Around The Table, a sports radio show airing on WHCP Radio in Cambridge.

"I like to talk about how each team is doing, their record, or why they aren't doing as well or why  they're doing very well," says Cole.

He's a pint-sized broadcaster but his size is not keeping him from having a big personality and a strong opinion when it comes to sports.

"We've been doing it since early September which is like 16 episodes," says Cole.

Cole and 16 year old Jackson Coe are the hosts of the show. Each of the episodes they dive into player's and team's stats and predict the outcomes of each game.  

Cole shared with us who he thinks is taking home the win.

"I picked the Eagles, which could be good or could be bad. If I get it right then I will be the only ones that got it right, because most people are predicting the Patriots. Brady had a hand injury, when he played in the NFC conference championship, which doesn't really help when you have an injured right hand," says Cole.

Cole admits there is still lots to learn here, but anyone can see he has a bright future ahead of him.

Mike Starling, the manager for  WHCP Radio says,  "I think he is just a very remarkable young man  We talk around town, the people that listen to his show. And we're all saying the same thing,  we can't wait to see what he is doing in 10 or 20 years."

Cole tells us he would like to be a sports broadcaster or a teacher when he grows up. You can catch his show Sports Around The Table every Sunday and Tuesday on WHCP radio.

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